I’m a very unfortunate amateur food enthusiast who is completely untrained from any culinary discipline and absolutely has no skill in anything having to do with food. In short, I’m just a simple glutton. But, in my defense I watch Asian Food Channel and Food Network Asia religiously. It excites me all the time!

This blog was given birth to simply share my average deal of curiosity to all things food related. From what I cook on my stove, to my piddling passion for local dishes and to various recipes I try hard to prepare for personal glory, my family and friends. Not to mention my very unflattering life and my search for a lovelife which is all but daunting to me. Trust me, I’m a firm believer of “patience is a talent”.

I hope you will join me in my neophyte food journey. As the very infamous Chef Auguste Gusteau of the movie Ratatouille always say: “Anyone can cook.”

Happy reading! =)

XOXO: Bena

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