HBD Cake

Knowing that I’m turning on my 3rd decade of existence this year, I wanted history in the making by preparing the dinner all by myself. Yes! Here goes my amateur culinary skills once again. So I was thinking for an inspiration, some kind of a theme. Pinoy choices will definitely be off the chart since I’ve been eating local food a lot. Chinese? Not trained to make noodles and dimsum yet. So that’s out. Then I suddenly craved for pasta and made a declaration that tonight is going to be Italian night minus pizza and wine!

Being a pasta lover that I have become, I wanted to build a meal around that idea. So it excites me to cook food. No take outs, purely homemade except of course for the birthday cake my mama gave me. So pasta it is! Now I’m thinking what better way to pair with pasta? No other than the super delish garlic bread! Yep! I love garlic bread. Who doesn’t? It’s the ultimate perfect pair for a pasta dish. Now, two down and you know a meal would never be complete without a dessert. So I did a quick net search on Italian desserts and boom! The simplest of all recipes goes to Pana Cotta! I haven’t really tried making Pana Cotta in my life but the ingredients and directions tell me I can do it just fine.


And behold! I lived up for my vow. Chicken Meatballs Spaghetti, Garlic Bread and Pana Cotta – all homemade just for my birthday. You see these are the kind of food that are special coz it was done with love and sweat for a celebration that only happens every year and it’s my 30th birthday. Sadly, I didn’t have the chance to take photos of the finish products because my visitors were all excited to dig in. This is why it’s always best to take photos of food before serving it on the table. Gladly, they all enjoyed and were surprised of the homemade garlic bread. Hahaha! I guess pat on my back for that. And of course all well-wishes went to me. Cheers for a new perspective in my 30! Feeling and loving it!

XOXO: Bena


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