Forget Buffalo Wings when you can have Patis Chicken Wings!


What you see above is probably one of my favorite and the easiest chicken recipes I have successfully made. I originally thought of whipping up something red-ish today to somehow immense myself with Valentine’s fever but I’ll just leave it to all couples of the world who probably enjoying in each other’s arms in the tune of “On the Chicken Wings of Love”. Admittedly, I’m a member of the NBSB squad but hey it’s never an excuse to celebrate this Heart’s Day with a decadent poultry dish.

I got this recipe from the back pages of Cosmopolitan magazine. Yez! I’m also a Cosmo reader. And below are the basic steps on how it’s done.


  • 8 chicken wings
  • 2 tbsp. patis (fish sauce)
  • 4 tbsp. honey
  • 1 tsp. chili flakes
  • 1 tsp. garlic, minced
  • 1 tbsp. oil



  1. Deep-fry chicken wings for 4-5 minutes or until crispy and golden brown.
  2. Drain excess oil.
  3. Heat oil in a sauce pan and sauté garlic and chili flakes for 1 minute enough release the aroma.
  4. Add honey and patis (fish sauce) and heat until sauce thickens.
  5. Toss wings in the glaze and make sure each piece is well-coated and serve immediately.

So in conclusion, it’s a simple recipe to make. The combined ingredients formed a tasty crispy chicken dish with sweet and tangy glaze to complement everything. This can go perfectly with a plain steamed rice or just nibble it to the bones. It can never go wrong. And since love is in the air today, I promise myself not to feel bitter and whine for being single. Hahaha! Oh well, here’s an amazing performance of my dear Mimi – “The One” for all of us. Enjoy and love love love not just today but in any day. 🙂

XOXO: Bena


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