Hello! I’m Bena. I’m an amateur food enthusiast. I am completely untrained from any culinary discipline but wishes to someday. I love anything food related despite my absolute no skill in food preparation. In short, I’m just a simple glutton. But, in my defense I watch Asian Food Channel and Food Network Asia religiously. It excites me all the time. Hail to Team Giada, Ina, Rachel and the list goes on. They have become my inspiration to somehow learn how to cook what I eat.

I came up with this online crib of mine to simply share my average deal of curiosity to all things food related to anyone who has same interest as me. From what I cook on my stove even with an understocked pantry to my piddling passion for local dishes and to various recipes I try hard to prepare for my personal glory, my family and friends.

As for my personal life, it’s very unflattering. Much more with my lovelife but hey, I’m a firm believer that one day my “The One” will come. You know, “patience is a talent” and I take it quite seriously in most aspect of my life.

Enough about my eye-numbing introduction. I hope you will join me in my neophyte food journey. Don’t forget to read, comment and share your experience to your friends.

Happy reading!

XOXO: Bena


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