By Bart Tancogo, Food Enthusiast

It was past 2pm when my shift ended and so I stepped out of the office. Obviously hungry and tired, I was looking for an ideal dessert or a refreshing snack that’s going to beat the tropical heat. I opted to give in to my “icy” needs. The first thing that crossed my mind was to pop in on one of the currently most talked-about dessert hubs, Butterbean Dessert and Cafe it was.

Four Seasons Halo Halo

I’ve always been a fan of Halo-Halo. Whenever there’s one on the menu, I couldn’t seem to resist the urge to try it. Unlike the classic halo-halo with a hundred different ingredients, what drew me to that of Butterbean’s had to do with its seemingly coarse texture and utter simplicity. Theirs was served in a big bowl topped with a scoopful of home-made vanilla ice cream and freshly chopped grapes, strawberries, mango, and banana. Not a lot of toppings, but boy was it a wonderful explosion of flavours in my mouth! With ice so finely shaven and the smooth blend of ingredients, it was literally a melt-in-my-mouth experience to the palate. Plus, the creaminess of the milk it was bathed in made me thank God I was no lactose-intolerant.

Presentation-wise it was inviting and really not bad at P189.00/serving. I even got to indulge in a huge bowl of it and shared it with my lunch pal. I could not pinpoint what made it exceptionally pleasurable – it might have been the milk or the sweetener or its fresh components but I must say this was quite a different halo-halo experience. Hence, Butterbean’s Four Seasons Halo-Halo for me was a perfect summer treat. The right amount of sweetness and refreshing ice shavings were definitely something one could come back to – I know I definitely would.

So if your taste buds are itching for some frosty demands, this sinfully delicious one is absolutely it!

Four Seasons Halo-Halo
Butterbean Dessert and Cafe
Location: Escario Tojong St. Cebu City (Beside Kuya J’s).