Two of my favorite dishes in the world are chicken and pasta. In fact, if I had a death sentence looming before me, I would ask a big plate of pasta with a roasted chicken with it. And it’s a done deal.

Anyway, I’m in for another pasta treat today. I know what’s running in your mind right now. Can I not get enough of pasta on this blog? My answer is NO! I’m a pasta maniac. And this humble crib deserves it. Trust me, this recipe is not something “ohhh, that’s outside my reach.” but instead can make you think, “ohhh, it looks easy and tasty.” I tell you this is an ultimate comfort food with a sophisticated flair.


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Grabbed the April 2010 issue of YUMMY Magazine a week ago from Book Sale since they featured 12 sensational sauces to try for pasta lovers out there. I must admit I’m starting to become a pasta person and I have cooked a few which I can attest successful, I guess.


This past issue presents recipes ranging from Chunky Seafood Sauce to Tinapa Cream Sauce. But what I really wanted to try is the Malunggay Pesto. I’m interested what the texture and the taste would be like combining Malunggay leaves, basils, extra virgin olive oil and parmesan. Hmmmm..

Luckily, any Malunggay produce won’t be a problem since we actually have a tree planted in our backyard. I can grab all the Malunggays I want. Can’t wait to try this and keeping my fingers crossed. I’ll update you soon.

XOXO: Bena