By Bart Tancogo, Food Enthusiast

Good food sets you in a good mood. It is an open secret that trying out different cuisines brings out delight to everyone’s taste buds. This is the reason why resto hopping has become my pastime of late. But mind you, I was the pickiest of eater when I was a kid. My mom would always call me out because if the dish has veggies on it, no way was I eating it.

The good news is that I pretty much eat everything now and I’d love to label myself as adventurous when it comes to food – after all, it’s no FoodieVenture if I was otherwise anything but. Just recently, I had lunch at Bigby’s cafe as I was looking for something to binge on. The moment I flipped through the pages of their menu, my eyes zeroed in on this delish-looking Grilled Hungarian Sausage. Really? …. For most people, it’s without a doubt a Love it or Hate it thing. Thinking about its quite unhealthy calorie count, it’s no wonder why most of my friends won’t touch this stuff. I get where they’re coming from but hmmm, I told myself why wouldn’t I give it a try? So, I did…. and boy did Bigby’s deliver! I must say, that sausage – when cooked right – could be so decadent and fantastic.

Hungarian Sausage

My personal experience with this Grilled Hungarian Sausage was truly pleasurable. It was meaty, tender and sinfully cooked-to-perfection good. Filled with onions to give it extra sweetness and its own secret spices gave just the right amount of punch. Cuban rice on the side, tossed with red and green bell peppers made it even more delectable by adding up a fiery kick to its flavour. Not to mention that it was served with mustard-based vinaigrette, this was sure to satisfy your palate. For everyone who loves a festive and satisfying meal, this one was definitely a must try.

Grille Hungarian Sausage
Location: Bigby’s Cafe, Ayala Terraces Cebu City