By Bart Tancogo, Food Enthusiast

I’ve been following a strict diet these past few days in preparation for a summer kick-off with friends real soon. That being said, I’ve conditioned myself to having just the right amount of calorie intake – not that I’ve been literally counting it, but really just being picky about my bucket list of food trips. The beauty about “dieting” is being thrilled about what’s in store for me come cheat day. At least that to me is exciting. You know what this means, right? It is that day of the week when you can think about indulging even in decadent gastronomic feast and actually turning it into a reality – in the company of friends who also love to pig out of course? Well, true enough that day has finally arrived. My friends and I found ourselves giving in to the “junk” I love the most – THE mighty cheese burger, no less.

Cafe Racer_Classic Cheeseburger

We wound up checking out this relatively new Cafe Racer Diner because a little busy buzz told me that their cheeseburger is impressively good. Even though it was out of the way from our work place, off to this new diner we went. It was around lunch time when we dropped in on the place and I was surprised at how huge the place was. It has both indoor and outdoor dining areas with a fully functional carwash and gasoline station as well. But what really set this restaurant apart from the others was its seemingly late 50’s US diners’ vibe which I truly liked. Not bad, huh?

We decided to finally feed our famished tummies when some nice waiter snapped us from our make-believe trip down memory lane back to our present time by handing out the menu. Being a self-confessed cheese burger lover, I chose the obvious. And boy, Cafe Racer’s Classic burger did not disappoint me at all! I’ve already worked up my appetite, yet nothing has prepared me for how oversized it was. I remember sinking my teeth into those soft buns, then taking in its hearty burger patty that was so tender, so meaty, so bursting in my mouth with flavours, and finally engaging in its cheesy goodness and the freshness of the lettuce. It was equally satisfying with its size and tempting with its savory smell. I have not ignored the fact that I also helped myself to a serving of crispy fries which even meant more hours spent on the treadmill. But then again, no one was calorie-counting that day, remember?

So there you have it. I’m sure you already got the picture. Like pepper to salt, burgers and fries together are ultimately the very reason why “cheat days” are a must. If you’re up for a great casual meet-up with friends, commendable staff service aaaaaaand seriously good burger, you may `skip “the bee” and the striped farmer (wink!). This is the new go-to diner in town.

Classic Cheeseburger
Cafe Racer Diner
Location: North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City